The Fire Spectacular
Obsidian Butterfly
Sacramento's Hottest Festival of the year!
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Workshop Only $15.00
Workshop + Event $20.00
3901 Land Park Dr.
Sacramento, CA 95822
*Across from the Zoo and Fairy
Tale Town in the amphitheater
at Land Park.
  Workshop A
Workshop B
3pm - 4pm
One Handed Poi
Knee and One Leg Hooping
Knee Hooping With Rainbow
Shimmy (aka Kristy) of Infinite Spin
Learn the basics of knee hooping,
how to transition in and out of knee
hooping, and some fun variations
like one leg hooping! All levels are
welcome, a limited number of hoops
will be available to borrow.
4pm - 5pm
3d Tech and Anti Spin
Acrobatics Into Hooping
Are you a hooper and an acrobat!?
Ever tried the two together? Come
to my workshop, 'Where Acrobatics
and Hooping Unite!' at the Land
Park Amphitheater for the Fire
Spectacular! This is an intermediate
class, for the greatest benefit have
at least a strong headstand. We will
work on other inversions and
balances as well. Bring a hoop if
you have one, limited hoops
available to borrow.
5pm - 6pm
Rope Dart
Your Rope Dart Journey
Begins:  The Path from
Novice to Ninja"
This workshop will show you
the fundamental techniques
that make building blocks of
rope dart flow. With this
foundation you too can join
the dart side and start
expressing your inner ninja!
Double Hoop
Feel like adding another hoop to
your flow? This is a good place to
start! Learn basic isolations and off
body movement, weaves, double on
body hooping, and combos!