• Know that which repels us the most
    is usually where our greatest
    challenges exist.
  • Embody acceptance and remain
    patient with both our-selves and
  • Everyone has something to offer
    and something to learn.
  • Discover what you have to offer
    and what you have to learn.
  • There is no competition, only
  • Meditate instead of complain.
  • Awaken to the fact that the heart
    has an electromagnetic field that
    extends 10' - 15' around us.
  • See the interconnectedness of all
  • Work for the benefit of others.  
  • No Refunds or rain checks on
    missed classes.
  • Payments accepted: cash, checks
    made out to Obsidian Butterfly,
    credit card (3% fee applies), and
  • All classes require registration in
  • Private and small group rates are
    available for groups of 1 - 4
Classes are tailored to each individual need.  Learning is progressive in
that one skill builds on another.  All levels are welcome from beginner to
advanced.  These classes are customized packages.  Sequoia has put together
multiple pathways for the different levels of experience.  From there, she
customizes your learning plan according to what works for your life rhythm
and what you need.  Each path is a unique journey.
Classes with Sequoia
Journey into the heartwood and create space for the spirit to dance.  
Awaken, Embody, Align, Purify, Pulsate, Vibrate, Radiate, Ignite!
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Building the Sacred Foundation = Movement + Flow
Movement - Yoga
Kindling the internal flow
Transform your life with yoga, movement, and the breath.  Classes include
meditation, pranayama, ecstatic movement, strength building, deep relaxation,
healing sounds, and Reiki energy balancing.  Learn to cultivate the inner fire in both
solar and lunar energetic practices.  This is the seed from where our fire dance
emerges.  Meets for 5 consecutive weeks for 1 hour 15 minutes per class for group
class and 1 hour for private; pay and then schedule.  Bring matt and water.
Poi Technique
Awakening to natures patterns
Poi means ball on string.  Poi Dance is a geometrical adventure through the world of
timing, direction, space, and flow.  Literally, Poi are weights on tethers that are
rhythmically spun around the body in a conscious dance.  Poi Dance is a moving
meditation that improves coordination, balance, flexibility, and strength.  Different
people learn at different rates and repeating this series will increase your
knowledge with poi as each class builds on the last.  Meets for 5 consecutive weeks
for 1 hour 15 minutes per class for group class and one hour for privates.  Pay and
then schedule.
Fan Dance
Learning to fly
Fans are beautiful, wing like, hand held dance tool that accents many cultural
dances, or can be a dance on their own.  Fan dancing is a fun and beautiful way to
express ourselves.  This class teaches basic movements that build up to a group
choreographed routine and is a perfect introduction to fire dancing.  Learning to
dance with fans is learning to let our internal dance expand outward from the
heart.  Meets for 5 consecutive weeks for 1 hour 15 minutes per class for group
class and 1 hour for private; pay and then schedule.
Staff Technique
Aligning with truth
Staff is a long stick with two weights on each end.  With this dance we learn to
embrace strength, integrity, and alignment with source as the structure of our
dance.  The class includes Modern and other forms of dance, along with yoga,
creative movement, and standard technique.  Meets for 5 consecutive weeks for 1
hour 15 minutes per class for group class and 1 hour for private; pay and then
Step 2
Add in the Fire Dance
Fire Safety Level 1
(5 hours)
Introduces basic fire safety as pertained to fire dance
Fire Safety training is a requisite for fire dance. The Fire Safety training is in
accordance with the North American Fire Arts Association (NAFAA) and consists
of three levels.  Level one introduces the basics of fire safety from rules to fuels,
fire extinguishers, and first aid.   Class is 5 weeks long, 1 hour a week, builds
progressively.  Pay and then schedule.
Fire Safety Level 2
(5 hours)
Hands on experience - controlled environment
Five one hour hands on classes to practice the art of fire safety as pertained to
fire dance and based on the information learned in Fire Safety level 1.  This class is
hands on.  Class is 5 weeks long, 1 hour a week, and builds progressively.  Pay and
then schedule.  
Fire Safety Level 3
Hands on experience - live shows
Level 3 safety is complete when safety has all necessary equipment and can
demonstrate the ability to calmly, swiftly, efficiently extinguish many different
props under a variety of live performance environments, as well as adhere to safety
regulations. Once fire safety demonstrates proficiency, paid fire safety positions
will be offered.  
No charge
Wicking Props
(2 hours; workshop)
Learn how and gain experience wicking props with special emphasis on fans.  
*Cost of class includes materials fee for 1 pair of fire fans, wick, needle, and
thread that student keeps.
Fire Dance
Expanding the heart fire
Learn how to work with the element fire as it exists within our own personal
experience as well as externally as it relates to our environment and those around
us.  To learn fire dance is to be immersed in the magical world of flow while also
remaining grounded, aware, present for the benefit of self and other.  Fire dancing
is a culmination of different skills coming together and there are many paths to
take.  Fire Dance Classes are offered once a student can demonstrate proficiency in
three Flow Arts techniques, a movement form, along with having all necessary
equipment. Classes meet for one - two hours one night a week for 5 weeks.  
Flow and Fire Arts Solo Work
Building Self Confidence through Solo Work
Works with random props, dance skills, and creative ideas to help the student build
a solo piece.  May be taken repetitively to build a solo show.  Each series focuses on
one prop and one dance or movement skill.  Meets for 5 consecutive weeks for 1 hour
per class.  This is a one on one class.
*Student has all equipment necessary to build piece
The Art of Performance
Let your authentic self be free
Once a student has completed fire safety training, has all props, costumes, and has
demonstrated ability to perform fire routines at classes and in rehearsals, is group
compatible, student performing opportunities will be offered to gain more
experience.  This class offers an opportunity to explore deeper into the elements
of performing and includes topics like stage presence, emoting, and audience
connection.  This class meets for one hour a night one night a week for 5 weeks.
The Art of the Professional
Obsidian Butterfly
Learn the ins and outs of professionalism in this series.  This series starts with a
5 week course that focuses on professionalism followed by an apprenticeship.  
Specials Offers:
Package of Four Privates
Must be paid in advance, dates
scheduled once payment is received,
dates must be booked and used within
2 months of purchase.  Privates are
one hour each and this package may be
used for yoga, poi, fans or staff,
performance help, choreography help,
show building help, or fire dance.  No
refunds after purchase and no refunds
on missed privates once scheduled.  
Once booked if a date needs to shift,
24 hours advanced notice is required
otherwise class is considered a missed
class.  Any rescheduling of dates must
take place within two month from date
of purchase.  Purchase and schedule.